The latest news

Project manager at Rebuilding AS

August 2014



More than 80% of the future buildings are already built.


As of August 2018 I have started working as a project manager at Rebuilding AS, focusing especially on the transformation and refurbishment of existing buildings.

Architect with Nordic Office of Architecture

November 2014



I started to work with Nordic Office of Architecture in November 2014, where I worked with the design of Keflavik International Airport, Oxer Dynamo and the development of housing projects.

Architect with OG Arkitekter

May 2014



After graduating I worked a few months in OG Arkitekter in Bergen, where I had previously had an internship. Great people and a great atmosphere!










New skyscraper project on the blocks!

November 2015










Started work the visualization project Extrude

July 2014










Started work the visualization project Villa Kapas

July 2014

Rebuilding website

September 2015


As the architectural firm Rebuilding has been launched a website was mandatory.  I started working on this website after I started with Rebuilding in August 2014, and mid September we launched it after a hectic couple of weeks!


Check it out here!

Website launch!

October 2015


After lots of work the website has finally been relaunched.


Hope you like the new look!













Finalist in the open competition for Bussveien!

May 2016


Working with Daniel Gameiro we developed a competition proposal for a series of bus stops for a fast transit route in Rogaland.













Master thesis project VOID delivered!

May 2014


Our intention with this project was to show how abandoned buildings in Oporto, or Porto as it is commonly known, can be reused and with that become something useful and revitalizing for the city.


We chose to work towards creating a hostel within the abandoned buildings of Porto. Working with a hostel is something that we can both relate very closely to, being somewhat young and with a passion for traveling. Therefore this program was something we wished to dive into and explore further.

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