NTNU, Trondheim

TYPE: Art and architecture expo

YEAR: 2007

LOCATION: Trondheim, (NO)

ROLE: Sole developer



N: Marius Meyer Hatletveit          M: post@mmharchitecture.com            P: +47 455 11 411




Art and Architecture Exposition is a project that I did in the first year of Architecture at NTNU. Since then I have updated the main image but the project remains the same.


The project is a play between the solid characteristic of the concrete and ground, the transparency of glass and the lightness of the wooden “Venice pavilion” roof.

The Idea of the project is a solid concrete core, standing as a pillar in the middle of the project, holding it all together and also acting as a contrast to the wood. This is where the functions such as toilets and storage is located.


From this volume springs a concrete “snake” that twirls its way around and continues into the surrounding area. This “snake” can be used as a bench on the outside and acts as

a defining figure and a wall on the inside.


The roof is where the exposition is hung from, allowing it to be flexible and ever-changing. This, along with the character of the roof, will allow the sun and light to change constantly depending on the angle of the light and the way the exposition is arranged. To cope with the rain a similar system used by Sverre Fehn in the Venice pavilion has been used in the roof.


Perspective section

Site plan