MMH Architecture, Oslo

TYPE: Open design competition

YEAR: 2016

LOCATION: Rogaland

ROLE: Project manager with Daniel Gameiro

STATUS: Finalist


N: Marius Meyer Hatletveit          M: post@mmharchitecture.com            P: +47 455 11 411




I ly  is about a bus and tram stop that does not only give protection against weather conditions. It is not only about creating a stop that gives good information and accessibility. It is about creating a concept with a clear and interesting design identity. It is about making the new bus road into something more than just a means of transport.


We did not play on strong colors and eye catching materials. The stops are to be a positive addition to the environment and a measure full of character more than flashy and loud.


* I ly was a finalist proposal in an open design competition, designed by myself and my colleague Daniel Gameiro.

Forrest to bus stop

The concept originates in qualities found in the forest. A solid foundation to stand on, trees under which to find shelter and light that filters down through the trees, giving an interesting atmosphere.


I ly is created with the intention of creating a symbiosis between the positive qualities found in the forest and the usability required by a bus stop. The design concept creates a stop that has a clear identity and recognizability,

Necessary functions

To create a functional and usable bus stop it is necessary to protect from the environment, make orientation simple, create good opportunities for change of transport and make the stop accessible for all.

Traditional bus stop

The typical bus stop that looks somewhat the same in every city


+ Simple and build-able

+ Good use of space

- Lacks design identity

- Generic

Dynamic shape

A dynamic shape give a stop where most functions can be integrated into a single shape


+ Strong design identity

+ Streamlined

- Difficult to build

- Inefficient use of space


A bus stop built as a single structure


+ Strong design identity

+ Good use of space

- Difficult to build

I ly

I ly is a symbiosis that creates a strong design identity and good usability


+ Build-able

+ Strong design identity

- Good use of space

- Modular

Situation plan


Facade front

Facade back