TYPE: Transformation

YEAR: 2012

LOCATION: Bergen, (NO)

ROLE: Member of 4 person design team

STATUS: Processing




Campus Merino is a project I was part of during my internship at OG Arkitekter, along with 3 others.


The project was to transform an old wool spinning factory, that has since been used as offices, into apartments.  A major difficulty we faced when working with this building was the floor span of  around 20 meters, making lighting something of an issue. However, the ceiling height was over 3 meters, with large glass fields.


Half of the building was set of for a student apartment project whilst the rest would be private apartments. In the student apartments the common functions were laid in the center of the floor whilst the rooms lined the windows. A common living room spanning over 3 levels was also designed.


In addition to this there were to be two additional floors on top of the existing building.

N: Marius Meyer Hatletveit          M:            P: +47 455 11 411


Plan third floor

Plan fourth floor

Plan fifth floor

Plan sixth floor

Plan seventh floor