ENSAM, Montpellier

TYPE: Concept housing

YEAR: 2013

LOCATION: Montpellier, (FR)

ROLE: Sole developer



N: Marius Meyer Hatletveit          M:            P: +47 455 11 411




The project Plug - In is a “boxes in grid” project that I wanted to try out, working with a large degree of adaptiveness and flexibility in the development of the project. All the apartments are prefabricated and the grid is set up on site, with all pieces the same size. The grid dissolves in towards the center of the courtyard creating a feeling of disintegration and that the grid and the boxes are different entities that work together. After completion the idea is that one can easily further add to the grid and add more boxes should the situation allow, thereby creating a flexible and adaptable architecture.


The placement of the boxes help create a variation in the facades, with some 3 meters inn, some smaller and some larger. This displacement of boxes also help to create different shaded spaces and terraces.


On ground level towards the streets there are office areas. This way one avoids having apartments on ground level and uses the exposed area for something that might wish to be exposed. The interior courtyard has triangulated grass surfaces a la “Laban dance studio” in London. This way it contrasts with the rectangularity of the boxes and grid and is also an element where one can sit and enjoy a warm summer’s day. The courtyard is located towards the south so as to capture as much sun as possible.

  Site plan

Plan parking

Plan ground floor

Plan first floor

Plan second floor

Plan third floor

Section E - W

Section N - S

Facade E

Facade W

Apartment plan T2

Apartment plan T3

Apartment plan T4 A

Apartment plan T4 B