NTNU, Trondheim

TYPE: Bicycle center

YEAR: 2010

LOCATION: Trondheim, (NO)

ROLE: Member of 3 person design team



N: Marius Meyer Hatletveit          M:            P: +47 455 11 411




Rotor is a project I did during my third year of architecture as part of a group work with two others. It is a bicycle facility located just outside the center of Trondheim. Here you come with your car, park it in the automated parking robot, and get the bicycle handed to you by another parking robot. Like this, you can get out of your car, and get your bicycle without moving more than a meter. In addition to this there is also a facility for bike repair, a cafe and offices. All the functions in this additional building are located in “boxes” that protrude out of the volume. The walls are double glazed walls providing an energy efficient building, and there are three atriums to add to the sunlight and to aid with ventilation.



Area: 4380 sqm BTA

Number of employees: 390

Total area per emloyee: 11,2 sqm


Environmental principles

1. Hybrid ventilation

2. Use of heat from parking facilities

3. Double glazed facade

4. Solar cells in sun screening


Ground floor

Basement floor

First floor

Second floor