ENSAM, Montpellier

TYPE: Conceptual train station

YEAR: 2013

LOCATION: No location

ROLE: Member of a 3 person design team



N: Marius Meyer Hatletveit          M: post@mmharchitecture.com            P: +47 455 11 411




UFS was a project that was done within a timespan of only 2 weeks and with a group of 3 designers.


The Idea was that instead of lowering the train into the ground, as is the norm, we wanted to show that this is a Train station and therefore we “put the train on a pedestal”


The ground floor of the train station was not to be used only for the people in the Train station but was to be more like an urban planted ground floor level, with trees, kiosk, toilets etc. There would also be lights that turn on when you step close to them as to create a “light dance” during the night, and also conserve energy.


In a box above this level the functions that belonged mainly to the passengers of the train would be placed.  Cafes, play areas for kids, meeting rooms, quiet rooms etc would be situated here. The further up you got the quieter the functions would be. Underground the car park would be for easy access both to the city and the station.


It is worth noting that this Train station was not made to be placed in a specific site, but is rather a general set of idea’s applicable for many different sites.

Perspective section

Plan Ground floor

Plan First floor

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