MMH Architecture, Oslo

TYPE: Single housing

YEAR: 2015

LOCATION: Arbitrary

ROLE: Sole designer and visualizer

STATUS: Ongoing


N: Marius Meyer Hatletveit          M:            P: +47 455 11 411




The project Villa Kapas is a project that I have designed primarily to further explore the world of architectural illustration. Building up the model I used Rhino, before moving it into 3ds for visualizing. Here i made use of forest pack, floor generator and multi scatter. Finally I did post production in Photoshop, making use of ID layers as well as Z-depth to create the atmosphere I was looking for.


The project, located on a beach somewhere is divided into two sections. The sleeping section upstairs and the living section downstairs. Upstairs the sleeping section is also sectioned with a “parents” quarter and a “children's” quarter.


2nd floor plan

1st floor plan